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For Individuals

Whether you are new or old to cryptocurrency world, you are welcome here. Ealliance platform could become your best experience in crypto.

Why? Services on our App have been deeply thought to primarily meet the needs of users in the African market and worldwide by extension. This ecosystem helps provide a wide range of nearby financial services to make life easier for INDIVIDUALS as well as BUSINESSES.

Creating your EALLIANCE™ wallet is quick and easy.
Once created, you will be able to access crypto-currencies from your EALLIANCE™ wallet.

Buy cryptos

Once logged in your EALLIANCE™ wallet, you will have access to buying cryptos quick and easy.

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Send and receive money

In your EALLIANCE™ wallet, you can convert your cryptos into local currencies sub-wallets. From those, you can send money easily and at the best fees to:
  • another EALLIANCE™ wallet holder. Your recipient will instantly receive the money in his wallet. Your recipient can use our CASH OUT service to collect his cash.
  • a random recipient who does not own a ealliance wallet. In this case, you can choose to send the money to your recipient's Mobile Money account, to his bank account or to our branded prepaid VISA/Master card (if he/she has one). Your Mobile Money recipient will receive the transfer in less than a minute. Prepaid VISA card transfer will take less than 5 minutes and bank transfer will take latest 48 hours (working days).
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You can get your crypto assets in cash by several means.

You can either cash your money with one of our authorised agents, on your Mobile Money account, on our branded prepaid VISA/Master card or in your bank account.

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