About us


Who are we ?

EALLIANCE™ is a FINTECH company.

EALLIANCE™ has developed a blockchain-like ecosystem that integrates with:
  • other blockchain systems,
  • mobile payment applications,
  • online banking systems,
  • credit card systems and digital solutions.

In order to make services easier and accessible for every African cryptocurrency user, we have created a secure e-wallet that complies with legal requirements and standards, such as FCA, PCI DSS, AML and KYC.

Our vision

Bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency world and real-world challenges that are faced by everyday companies and people.

In so doing, we provide a platform that facilitates financial exchanges between Africa, the diaspora and the rest of the world.

Our mission

On the one hand, our mission is to develop digital financial technologies (payment solutions, money transfer) based on blockchain technology and adapted to the needs of Africans.

And on the other hand, to enable international business interactions through a trusted and secure platform.

Our founders



Co-founder & CEO
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Co-founder & COO
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Michael James PORTER

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