FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using Ealliance™?

The EALLIANCE™ network has been around since 2017 and has evolved with the cryptocurrency market. The staff and workers at EALLIANCE™ are invested in providing serious, quality and trusted services.

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to think and develop the application in order to make its use simple and accessible to a greater number of users.

We make sure to apply reasonable fees for all. The only fees applied at EALLIANCE™ are per transaction - no hidden fees.

We understand that proximity is important, that's why our local representatives are close to you and by your side.

Can I send and receive internationally?

With the EALLIANCE™ application, you can benefit from our network services and other blockchain networks internationally.

This means you can interact with other blockchain networks around the world to send and receive cryptos.

How can I find a certified representative?

In the application, we provide you with an up-to-date and dynamic map showing the location of our agents and representatives, with their contact information.

How can I change crypto into my currency?

It's quick and easy. You will find the procedure for using the EALLIANCE™ application and all the different transactions you can do with it on the following page: click here for the procedure

How can I get assistance?

Tips and good practices

Cryptocurrencies are subject to regular price fluctuations. What can you do to avoid the fluctuation of cryptos?

Convert in real time and in 1 click your crypto into stable currency (local currency FCFA, NGN, USD, EUR...).

Safety measures

    In order not to compromise your accounts, we ask you to follow the following security guidelines:
  • When you open your wallet, we kindly ask you to have it checked using the data sent by e-mail,
  • Choose strong passwords with lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and if possible, special characters such as % $ & " and others,
  • Never share your passwords with anyone, not even employees or partners ealliance™. We will never ask you for your passwords. Let us know immediately if someone asks you for them,
  • Memorize your PIN codes, but do not give them to anyone.
  • A surprising amount of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other accounts have been hacked and possibly yours too. So, follow the procedures communicated by your distributor. If you have a question, contact them or the customer support on our website.
  • If you are logged in to your ealliance wallet via an internet browser, make sure you are logged in to ealliance.trade. You can see it in the address bar.

    It should start like this:

    and not as

  • If you are using a computer, make sure you have antivirus software installed with the latest updates.
  • If others have access to your computer, make sure you have logged out of your wallet when you finish viewing it.


What are the fees for having an EALLIANCE™ wallet?

There are no account opening fees, no monthly or annual fees. The only fees applied at EALLIANCE™ are per transaction. You pay as you go! You can find our fees at the following link: our fees

If I want to withdraw all my money, what are the fees?

The fees are optimized to be as fair as possible. You can find our fees at the following link: our fees

If I want to close my account, what are the fees?

There are no fees for closing your account. Before closing, make sure you withdraw all your assets. Please note that if you wish to reopen a wallet at a later date, you will need to go through the identity validation process again.