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For Businesses

Become a partner and earn extra revenue.

EALLIANCE™ is offering the unique opportunity to become a member of its large distribution network in South Africa and the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region.

This partnership will allow you to benefit from selling EALLIANCE™ products and services.

If you are interested, please contact us for the terms, conditions and responsibilities of each type of partnership.



Regional representative, Marketing and sales force organizer, central manager of local distributors of EALLIANCE™ products and services.

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Local representative, marketing manager, manager of the EALLIANCE™ Sales Agents team

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Service provider, sales person in charge of prospection, marketing and sales of EALLIANCE™ products and services.

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Collect your payments


If you have a business, mall, physical or online store, sell goods or services, and you want to collect payments from your customers, EALLIANCE™ provides a service that allows you to receive payments in cryptocurrency or stable coins.

This service gives you access to a new network of customers.

Thanks to this innovative payment technology, EALLIANCE™ boosts your sales by facilitating access to a large network of fluctuating and stable cryptocurrency users.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

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Earn Commissions


As businesses, no matter how you choose to be part of our ecosystem, you can make additional revenue.

In fact, a study in the retail sector, money transfer among others has shown an exceptional impact with the use of cryptocurrencies in the said businesses.

It's your turn to become a stakeholder in the booming and evolving crypto world.

To know the steps to follow, please contact us.

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