What we do for Businesses and shops

Ealliance provides partnership opportunity for the distribution of its products and services as:

  • Master Distributor: Regional representative responsible for the network of distributors of its products and services;
  • Distributor: local representative responsible for the merchants;
  • Merchant: responsible for the prospection and sale of products and services.

If you are interested in this partnership, please send a request to info@ealliance.trade for details of the terms, conditions and responsibilities of each type of partner.

If you have a business, a shop, sell goods or services online or offline, EALLIANCE provides you with an API that allows you to receive payments from your customers with bitcoin but with a process that protects you from any bitcoin fluctuations.

This service gives you access to a new network of customers. Thanks to this innovative payment technology, EALLIANCE boosts your turnover by allowing you to increase the market penetration of your products.

No matter what your business, ealliance™ has a solution for you. If you would like to use our innovative solution to collect online or offline payments from your customers and have access to a new customer base, send a request to info@ealliance.trade.