Sending and receiving eabit™

A new experience in your hands: Whether you want to pay a merchant or send eabit™ (bitcoin) to a friend in your city or to your family on the other side of the world, you can do it safely and instantly. We charge very low fees, defying all competition.

You can also receive eabit™ (bitcoin) from everywhere, just by giving your bitcoin address. You can find your Bitcoin address on the ealliance application by clicking on the receive arrow.

The vault

The Vault is a wallet on the ealliance application that allows you to be in control of your assets. This feature allows you to convert your eabits (bitcoin) into dollars at any time and protect yourself from any fluctuation of bitcoin.

The vault deposit protects you from losses, but also deprives you of Bitcoin's rises.

It is the value of the vault that you call upon when sending dollars. On the ealliance application, the vault is debited when you send dollars to someone or make a dollar payment to an accepting partner. If you are an accepting partner, your vault is also credited when you receive a payment. Thus, your payment is not subject to the volatility of Bitcoin, making it a very safe payment method for any business.