The eabit™

eabit is a subunit of bitcoin. 1 eabit = 0.0001 Bitcoin or 1 Bitcoin = 10000 eabits.

eabit is operational on the ealliance application. The synchronization or anchoring of the eabit wallet with the Bitcoin network ensures the real-time fluctuation of your eabits at the same level as Bitcoin. Your wallet displays in real time the value in US dollars and in eabit of the Bitcoin available in your wallet. The application also has a Vault in which you can put your eabits in local currency to prevent it from being affected by the fluctuations inherent to the Bitcoin market. The value put in the Vault is available and accessible at any time and can be withdrawn in cash from our authorized distributors. In addition, you can use the value inside of the Vault to make payments to our partners, either online or offline.

eabit can be exchanged in real time, allowing it to be used for instant payments. On the ealliance™ network, it facilitates Bitcoin operations (sending, receiving, payment, etc.). Outside the ealliance network, it is automatically converted to Bitcoin. Thus, the eabit can be transferred to any Bitcoin wallet on the blockchain and the Bitcoin network (Coinbase, Binance etc.) to be used worldwide for transactions.